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Written in Red Review

Anne Bishop's newest series The Others begins with the first novel 'Written in Red'.


I was not familiar with Ms. Bishop's writting before this. I might have seen a short story or two in an anthology, but nothing that sticks out. So when I saw this book pop up in my local library's Overdrive, I decided "What the heck, I'll try it." And put it on hold. Then promptly forgot about it as I was something like number 12 in the queue. But eventually I got an email stating it was available.

I promptly checked it out and downloaded it on to my Nook HD, henceforth and forever more referred to as 'my Nook'. I then ignored it for several days. I've been looking for new authors to read and found a lot of so-so books. I wasn't looking forward to another let down.

But I did want to make sure to read it before it was due because I had waited that long for it. So a few days later I sat down to read.

I was very pleasently surprised with this book that I devoured, and is quickly moving it's way into my favorite book/series.

Premise: Meg Corbyn is a blood prophet, a woman who cuts herself and then gives prophecy. She has run away from her keepers and finds herself in The Others territory. Others is the term used for all the mythological creatures. Vampires, werewolves, elemental and more. All with Anne Bishop's own flare to them. So you have the struggle of Meg learning to survive on her own, the struggle to keep away from her former keeper, and the stuggle the Others have with having her in their midst.

Cons: I'm starting with the cons as they were the first things I saw and what almost had me closing the book. I am nit-picky with books. I can accept an Earth that is different than ours. So all terms like cities, states, countries, languages, days, months,etc are all the same, though it might be very different. I can also accept a completely different world where everything is new. Here you have a combination, it is all new, but much of it is familiar like the countries Brittania, Afrika, etc. And many of the days of the week Windsday=Wednesday, Firesday=Friday, Moonsday=Monday. For me this was annoying. But by about the middle of the book I had accepted it and moved on. And that's the only real con I have.

Pros: new idea, new concept. I love when an author can do something new with what it seems has been defined. To break out of the mould, brava Ms. Bishop. But to them do it with complelling, complex characters, with a story line that draws you in and intrigues you, well I guess you can have your cake and ice cream too.

Overall: I rarely read a book over without at least a year in-between reads, I just don't find it enjoyable. Yet with 'Written in Red' I found myself not only re-reading it, but had to purchase my own copy because the book was due and couldn't wait another two months for it to be available again. I have read it 4 times, and keep having to convince myself I need to read the books in my 'waiting to read' pile. So to those of you that enjoy Urban Fantasy, I say go buy it, read it, love it.

Next Up: Murder of Crows c.murder.crows.FP

I'm back and Changing

So as you know, I switched over to Google to blog. Which I didn't like as much as livejournal, but didn't have as many problems as I was starting to have.

Then my blog became more and more personal, so I set it to private. Then I hardly ever wrote in it. Because I like people, I like validation, I like likes.

Then I hear livejournal has fixed things.

Then I hear of the new Blog for Books.

And now I know what I'm going to do. The one thing I do the most of, when you take out anything parenting related. Read. And then blog about my reading.

So I'm back! But with some differences. Hoping you still love me!


Moving for Good

I am now officially moving blog sites. I can now be found at http://lizzy--land.blogspot.com/ for future entries. I've just been having technical difficulties over here on livejournal and am moving even though I don't like it quite as much.

So if looking for me, look there.



I may be taking a hiatus from my blog for awhile. Nothing is wrong, and I'm not going on vacation, all it is is that
Technology Hates Me!

My computer that is not that old, is having massive difficulties and crashing, especially when I try to blog. Plus my Pocket PC that I read book on is crashing on me, requiring me to reset it at least every other day. I try to plug something in, get blue sparks, and the list goes on. Apparently I have angered the technology goblins that keep everything running. 

How do I know it's just me? It doesn't do it to John.


I Am Not A Scapbooker

I have never really done scrapbooks.  I think I might have done one when I was 13 for a Young Women's project. But that's the closest I can say.

I always have good intentions, but it doesn't happen.

You'd think I'd be better what with it now being the digital age and I can do everything on my computer, but No.

So I realized that there are pictures I needed to get out to people and decided to finally get Picasa and start organizing albums.

Do you know how many pictures I have? I didn't but I spent the time getting them all organized to have my computer crash while on the last set. I lost all the work I did.

So I am starting again. It will take time, but at least I won't have the equivalent of a drawer full of pictures anymore.


I think this would have caused me nightmares as a kid, not comforted.


Last Read-A-Thon Update

So yesterday was the last day of the read-a-thon (pout). But as promised here are my ending numbers. I ended up reading to page 172 pages of Night Play last night before I went to bed for a grand total of:
1846 Pages in 3 Days
Wow! Others kept track of time too, but I didn't suffice it to say, it was a lot.

And Guess What?! I won two prizes! I am so shocked, I seriously never win anything and one was a mini-challenge that I really wanted to win because the book being given away is one of John's favorites. It has enough putting up with me I love to be able to give him special surprises. Good thing he only reads this every few weeks. That way when it comes it will probably still be a surprise. Unless I tell him first. I am so bad at keeping gifts secret.

So tomorrow we're back to just me, soccer games, swim lessons, and maybe even get the pics and videos from Natalya's pre-k graduation up.  =)

Read-A-Thon Update 3

I'm posting now, though I plan to get another hour or two of reading in tonight and will post final results tomorrow.

Today I read Dawn Cook's The Decoy Princess 368 pages.
I loved it! I am upset at my library though since they don't have the second book and will have to try and find it so I can read it. 
For those who are fans of Kim Harrison you probably know that her earlier YA works were published under the name Dawn Cook. On her Kim Harrison website she writes that you should be prepared reading her Dawn Cook books that the heroines are not like Rachel Morgan in her Hollows series.
But I have to say that Tess was just as strong a character as Rachel. Growing up a Princess with all the pampering, protection and lessons that involves she is shocked to learn when she is 20 and her betrothal being planned that she is not the princess but rather a child bought off the streets to keep the real princess safe from assassins. 
The book continues with the murder of her "parents" the King and Queen and the prince who was to marry the princess trying to take over the kingdom.
This is when Tess truly starts to shine. Escaping several kidnappings, traveling across the country, protecting loved ones and helping to re-conquer her kingdom without bloodshed.

After this my allergies got so bad that I've been in an allergy drug haze and didn't want to read anymore of my to be read books, which is truly a tragedy because my belated Mother's Day gift arrived in the mail today. Vampire High: Sophomore Year by Douglas Rees, 
So instead I re-read True Colors by Jayne Ann Krentz 250 pages. And started re-reading Night Play by Sherrilyn Kenyon and am on page 63.
True Colors is a great 1980's romance. I always love to read these and see how different the story line would be if the characters had cell phones and easy access to computers and the internet.

Read-A-Thon Update 2

Ending day 2 a bit earlier today, but only because I don't want to start a new book to end up staying up all night reading. =)

Results so far
Completed Reading
  1. Infinity by Sherrilyn Kenyon 480 pages
  2. Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris  320 pages
  3. Enemy Mind by Maggie Shayne   256 pages
Total: 3 books, 1056 pages

Now since I've talked about both Infinity and Enemy Mind I'd like to talk about Dead in the Family.
I read several negative reviews about Charlaine Harris' latest book in the Sookie Stackhouse series, but I have to disagree. This is the first book I've read of hers that I don't feel I have to read because it was so fast paced that I missed things. There was much more dialogue and character development in this book than others, leaving the amount of action dwindling from the other books in the series, especially the last one. But with this book you can see how it is not only a breather from the Fairy War of the last book, but also a stepping stone to the one to come. There are many things that have to happen when there is no action to set up for the next book. Especially Sookie's own attitude on killing people/creatures/etc. and her dilemma of how human and how Christian she is.
Can't wait for the next one. Though I do hope in the end she ends up with Sam.  

Book Review: Mini Challenge

For my third book I let my youngest daughter pick one out of the pile and have been reading Enemy Mind by Maggie Shayne. It is the first book in the series Family Secrets, which is written by several different authors.

SUBJECT: Zach Ingram, brawny brain, aka Professor Ingram

FAMILY HISTORY: The Ingram heir, brother of financial whiz Jake

DEEPEST SECRET: He'd always envied his brother -- until now . . .

Professor Zach Ingram was believed to have classified information about genetically altered humans, and agents from the top secret MEDUSA wanted it enough to kidnap him. But was the iron-willed academic truly the one they sought? Beautiful psychiatrist Dr. Maisy Dalton was unwittingly brought in to hypnotize the ruggedly handsome Zach into talking about the "memories" hidden within him. But the innocent doctor couldn't control her feelings for the mysterious man who spoke of mistaken identity and something called the Extraordinary Five. In her heart, Maisy knew Zach was telling the truth, and was willing to risk her life and love to help him unravel the secrets of MEDUSA and the potentially dangerous X5 . . .

First off, I wouldn't have read this had I realized that Maggie Shayne didn't write the whole series. Not that I have a problem with the other authors, but that I never think a series is as good when written by several people. 

This book was not quite up to Maggie Shayne's usual writing. Although there was intrigue on how Zach and Dr. Maisy were going to get away from their captors without dying, there wasn't much to hook you into the next story. It feels incomplete because there is just enough there to know that there is more, but it ends without even giving you that "I must get the next book to figure out what's going to happen next" feeling. I wish there had been more about Jake, Zach's brother, since he seems so pivotal to the story line. But I guess that Ms. Shayne wasn't at liberty to do much with him since he would be a main character for someone else.

Overall, it was an okay book on it's own, but I won't be searching out the next book.

Now maybe I'll let my oldest daughter pick the next one.  =)